Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Festival Opening Ceremony

Event Date September 04, 2010

Event Time 04:55 PM

Performance Time 06:00 PM

Performance Duration 15 min

Admission Fee $15.00

Website http://www.mobot.org/events/japanesefestival

Location Japanese Garden--Yagura Stage 4344 Shaw Blvd St. Louis MO 63110 Map

Notes The Opening Ceremony runs from 11:00a-12:00p at the Yagura Stage (near the Japanese Garden) and during that time we will perform briefly (about 5 minutes). There is an Omikoshi, Dashi and Bon Odori procession from the Climatron/Spink Pavilion area to the Yagura Stage before the Ceremony, and back afterwards. More Festival information, as well as a full schedule, can be found at the Missouri Botanical Garden website.